Experienced, high quality 3D printing services

We are experts specializing in 3D design and 3D printing, and we are ready to take your product to the next level.
3D Design & Printing

3D Printing Florida can prototype, design, produce, and manufacture your idea with the latest 3D printing and CNC milling methods to suit your needs. Serving all of Florida, incl. Southwest Florida, Naples and Fort Myers, Florida.


Whether you're creating a new invention from scratch or building upon an existing product, we have all the tools needed to get you through the prototype phase and ready for production.

Molds & Casting

We can assist you in developing and creating a reusable mold for your production needs. High-quality 3D printed or cast molds are a cost-effective way to meet your manufacturing


CNC, an alternate method of manufacturing, is available to suit your production needs.


We can take you from concept to mass manufacturing. All you need is the idea, and we can develop a plan to get there.


Whether you need an initial prototype printed, a one-off piece, or multiple pieces via small scale manufacturing, we have the expertise and equipment to print what you need. We are experts specializing in 3D design and 3D printing, and we are ready to take your product to the next level.


What clients are saying

My experience has been phenomenal. I came to Mike with my first invention. He had been recommended to me by my patent attorney, for good reason. I was expecting a prototype. Mike delivered MUCH more. He took me from concept to product. He introduced me to key players that I needed after working with him, even when he could have kept more of the work himself. Mike doesn't push, but rather guides you through a process. When hiring Mike, his commitment and work ethic is more like bringing on a partner. I'll use him for every new thing I do without question.

Jay Weitzner

I met with Mike. He was up front and honest explaining my needs didn't require 3D printing. He then spent nearly 2 hours helping me find an alternative solution for my product. I am so grateful I met with him and can't say thank you enough for his help.

Christina Lusby

3D Print FL and Imagine3d are awesome to work with. I presented my idea and it had a couple of stumbling blocks I couldn't nail down. He had some immediate ideas on how to solve my issues and drawing and prototyping was quick and easy. I am eager to work more with them very soon!

Chris Rabkin